Your opinion is very valuable... it signs my book

1er message Domingo 25 June 2006, at 12H00
Message of Bruno MOREL Notices: 10

Happiness for your personality!
You are a worthy image of mark of the Bolivian quena.
Friendly from France.

Bruno and the group KULLAWAS

2° message Mars 27 June 2006, at 12H59
Message of José CastilloNota: 10

Hello brother was already hour that an artist of your talent
have a site web where to be able to know it better.
It follows this very nice one ahead it paginates it,
greetings of France.

José Castillo

3° message Domingo November 19 2006, at 01H12
Message of Roger Soruco Pérez Notices: 10

Dear Marcelo at the same time of greeting you I want to
congratulate you for your it paginates and a great one 'brave'
for your artistic enormous trajectory, I hope to see you soon
and it continues ahead 'teacher' .
Saludos from Paris where we wait for you.


4° message Saturday January 6 2007, at 03H38
Message of GreenGray Notices: 10

Good afternoon! I was just surfing the web and found your site.
Pretty well done,beautiful and nice! I shall recommend to
friends to look it :) Your work is awesome! Good luck.

5° message Domingo February 18 2007, at 04H26
Message of Osvaldo Maidana Notices: 10

Your work is extraordinary.
I was surprised the design of the quena. Successes

6° message Saturday March 31 2007, at 11H39
Message of GreenGray Notices: 10

Hello, I am French and studying musician, I am 22 years old,
I already listened your style of playing me it likes.
Do I believe that you have played among other
not with the group Rosewood?
I play sikus, guitar. I am integral of a sikuris association
in Nantes-France, denominated Wiñayataqui.

greetings from Britain


7° message Domingo April 29 2007, at 23H40
Message of Eddy Notices: 10

Hello Marce since I saw you playing next to the Teacher
Gerardo Yañez in Chacaltaya I like your style, it continues ahead

8° message Domingo May 6 2007, at 16H49
Message of Marco Notices: 10

Hello Marcelito,

That happiness to find your it paginates electronic, wow this very impressive one, I always wait this online.
Congratulations for all your artistic career, you are a BOLIVIAN pride!


9° message May 8 2007, at 6H17
Message of Remy Lucas: He/she notices 10

A greeting from here Montreal Canada for you Marcelo, I congratulate you for your talendo, I hope you continue showing the pretty work that you make

Remy Lucas

10° mensaje Friday May 23 / 2008, a 00H18
Message of Remy Lucas: Nota 10

Hola marcelo como estas soy johnny de La Paz
si es que te acuerdas , de la calle cuba amigo del Tunin
espero que te encuentres bien de salud ,
como siempre creo que sigues cada dia mejor con nuestra musica felicidades y sigue adelante

Johnny Cornejo.