Marcelo Peña marveled to the Audience from Oruro with the sound
of his
quenas, in the concert with the Bolivian group Luz del Ande.
It was an special performance of an artist that has a variety of Quenas,
very well taken care and prepared by him,
to obtain the sounds but pleasant to the hearing

"We adapt to the melodies that we execute, with the quenas
they change the tones, the colors, it is a contribution that we make,
so that way our music sounds better we try to offer variety to the public"

To manufacture the quenas, it uses the ebony from
Africa (Mozambique) a very fine wood and Momoki of the Bolivian east
that has allmost the similar texture of the ebony.

Marcelo Peña began to play at 8 years of age.
"I began in the Peña "Naira" in La Paz - Bolivia, I recorded
about 30 records with different bands and singers,
I have 4 cd's realice as a soloist", he explained.
One CD recorded with Cesar Junaro a guitarrist and compouser
from Bolivia named "Instrumentales", them came
Marcelo Peña "Quena", "Classics of Bolivia in quena", "Solo Quena".

"I am self taught, but I consider
that the practice and the feeling are important for the execution
of an instrument", he said.

We ask him, "But what a quenista needs to be able to be better?

"A quenista needs to be a very noble person with the instrument,
with the music and with their country, the music is a gift that God gives
you, it should not be used to the music like survival,
has to be part of your life", he said.

Marcelo carried out international several tours for Peru, Finland,
Switzerland, Denmark, France, Japan and USA.