The exclusive design of my quenas,
have my signature, just as you can appreciate in the images.
This signature endorses the
authenticity of the instrument.

This original design has a conical termination, there the mass is more
marked with the purpose of achieving
that the sharp tones are more
attenuated, getting of this way,
a better sonority and audition.

we can also mention that the quenas
are made of different types of beautiful woods, such as: ebony, momoki, golden, white kuta, cuchi, snake (vibora) etc.

There are also the bamboo
(Andean cane) classics; these,
for the same nature of the material,
don't have the design of the woods. However, it is necessary to make notice that given the particularity of the material, has a warmer sonority.

All the quenas are tuned in 440 hz,
in the registration of "G" (sol)

The quenas, also, have a handmade exquisite work, with inlays of precious stones, ivory silver dijes,and others.
I carry out them by hand.
Each design is unique.

Quena Ebano

Quena Ebony
"Carved Condor"

Quena Mamoki

Quena Momoki

Quena Dorada

Quena Bambu

Quena Cuchi

Quena Snake